Friday, January 25, 2008

An unexpected achievement

Just before bedtime yesterday Jory was playing with Mira and trying to make her laugh. Its one of his favorite things to do with her (besides hugging her so hard that he knocks her over and into something). While he was playing with her, she did something I didn't quite expect her to do just yet. Take a look: 

After my initial shock and thinking that from here on out we are officially screwed (she is stronger that I thought and I have to move the crib mattress down) it occurred to me that it made sense. She has been working really hard at crawling and that takes the whole body to do. Plus swinging at the cats as they run past is not easy either.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Sequence of events

Jory si always quite particular abot how certain things are done. His milk cup has to be placed exactly at the top right corner of his cereal bowl. You have to sit on a specific cusion on the couch.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Name spotting

When we got pregnant with each of our kids we tried really hard to find a name for them that was different but not outrageous. With a pretty common last name like ours, this is a way that they can say there is no one else with that name. Unique was our goal and I believe we have achieved that.  However, in the spirit of being different we didn't want names that people would question if we were on drugs when we chose them or if we just flipped through the naming book and closed our eyes and pointed. You would be surprised what kind of odd names are out there. Because the names are on the 'different'  side I always get excited when I spot someone with one of the kids names. I know there is a character from a novel and a musician named Jory. Once in awhile I'll email someone with the name Jory just to see if they like their name and how they got it (if they know why their parents gave it to them). I typically get good responses if you are wondering. Even last year, a girl on American Idol by the name of Jory made it to Hollywood. She didn't make it too far, but still, her name was on TV. The other night after I got Mira to sleep I was watching my usual detective shows that help me wind down from my hectic day and I started to watch a new episode of Psych. I had to watch a particular part where they mention some ones name about a dozen times before I settled that I did hear it right. The name was Mira. The episode was called "There's something about Mira". I was so excited that I jumped out of bed and ran downstairs to tell Ryan. Other than the actress, I have never heard the name before. Pretty exciting.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Anyway you can get there

Mira is on the move. She is not on her hands and knees doing a crawl. She has found a new way to get where she wants to. Because she is an expert sitter, she has figured out that while in the sitting position she will rock herself that she can move foward. She is not very quick while on the carpet, but on New Years Eve while we were eating some pizza Daddy was trying to entertain her. Well, she is quicker than we thought.