Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Easter bunny is here

The other day I went to Target with Jory so I can get him something special. Mira was sleeping and I got our neighbor to hang out while I spent some time with him. I first have to mention that the something special was a 'Ball that opens with something inside'. So I figured, lucky me, its just after Easter and they will have a ton of the leftover filled eggs and I can cash in on a 'Ball that opens with something inside'. Since I was there and I knew I had a good hour and a half, we browsed the aisles. I picked up pink bunny ears that I was showing Jory how to wear them on my head, but he wasn't interested. I also  picked up a big jug of bubbles for the summer, some random small toys, a bag of M&M's etc etc.  My basket was getting pretty heavy and full by the time we got to the real Easter leftovers. Turns out that there was slim pickings and Jory was very upset that we couldn't find a 'Ball that opens with something inside'. A woman overheard us and found a few eggs that had cars inside. Jory was excited and immediately wanted to check out so he can open them. I did make him walk around a little more for a few extra things. At the checkout counter, Jory couldn't wait to get to the car so he can open his 'Ball that opens with something inside' and I was about exhausted. I did realize people looking at us and looking like they were saying 'Awww how cute is he.' I do get that often when I am with my babies. The checkout lady was looking at my head where I thought my sunglasses were and she gave me a really big smirk. Because I was uncomfortable with her looking at me like that, I  went to take the glasses off my head and there were 2 very tall pink ears towering over me.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Too much TV? Ya think?

So, the other night, Jory was being very chatty.  And why shouldn't he be, it was past his bedtime, and having conversations is how he tries to prolong the nightly routine.  Anyway, I overhear him tell Randi that we need a Space Bag.  I was like, what the hell is a space bag?  So he proceeds to tell me that it's a bag that you hook a vacuum up to and "suck the air out".  OH, THAT space bag.  This comes only a few days after he tells me he wants Pancake Puffs for breakfast.  Actually, maybe those aren't such a bad idea, we can hide some food inside the pancakes.  Anyway, the kids stations like Playhouse Disney and Noggin don't actually have commercials, but once you get into the late night stuff (like Jetix) all bets are off.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

1 down, 19 to go!

Mira is now officially out of the toothless club! She finally popped her left bottom front tooth yesterday. Now the sister tooth is trying to follow suit. She, of course, will not let me in there to look at it. You have to get her in the right position and get her to either sing or laugh and you can see white. (or when she is chewing on a goldfish).

It's about time!

Friday, March 21, 2008

9 months in, 9 months out!!

Today marks a very important date. Mira has lived her whole life out of my belly just as much as she was in. To me its such an amazing concept. For 9 months I was only in love with the idea of her. What she will be like, how she will change our lives, what she will become. Now I am in love with her as a person. Her radiant smile, her unique skipping laugh, her massive and most juicy thighs and most importantly, her huggable quality.9 monthShe is developing into a person with personality, choices, and preferences. This month she has decided that anything off of a spoon is unacceptable and will only eat foods that she can put in her mouth herself. I like to make a concoction  of different varieties of  Cheerios, Gerber puffs and Goldfish. I'll add anything else in that is a good finger food like that, but you get the idea. Jory likes to use them as food for his various trucks and cars. Mira loves to pick out the Goldfish. She will literally push aside everything else just to get to one. 

Mira has figured out how to get from her belly to a sitting position all by herself. At first you can see how proud she was of herself. She always seemed a bit surprised and then real happy about her new stance. Now it's like second nature. I guess she is on to the next stunt. 

We have a talker now. She used to be pretty quiet and only said something when she had something to say. She has discovered that if she makes a noise, someone will look or talk to her. I love to see her at the dinner table and make this loud sound and look intently at her daddy like, "HELLO!!! I am talking to you. YES! YOU DADDY!" And she wont take her gaze off him until he responds to her sound. She will make all sorts of noises while in the car with Jory and stare at him. She wont stop until he looks at her and responds. Usually it gets quite noisy back there. The best is listening to them laugh at each other.  
It looks like by the next update, Mira is going to have 2 pearly whites that we are going to have to start brushing. They are just about there and ready to show, but not quite here yet. 

One thing that is totally different from her brother is that Mira loves music. She hears the slightest beat and she starts to rock back and forth. She tries to sing when you sing 'la la la' to her. She will start 'la la la' back at you. It's so cute. What I really noticed within this past month is that she has the EXACT same tongue as my mom did. She would touch her upper lip on the right side with it but it would bend in an almost 90 degree angle. Then on top if that, the part that was bent was very triangular shape. Much like this picture.Tongue And on that note. I just cant believe its been 9 months already. She is so big and so wonderful it aches me to describe how much I love her.

Monday, March 17, 2008

When in doubt, open the door

Jory has an obsession with anything that involves water. He puts water in anything that can hold it and calls it a fish tank. They are all over his bedroom and it actually gets out of hand. Aside from his homemade tanks he has toys that have water in them. Like the ones that you push the button and it swooshes a couple of rings and you are supposed to keep doing that until the rings hook onto a pole or something. Daddy put him to sleep and he seemed to do ok. He took a little nap today so I knew he wasn't going to go to sleep right away. Typically he will play in his room or in his bed. Eventually he falls asleep. After I got Mira to sleep I started to hear odd clicking noises coming from Jory's room. I stood there trying to figure out what it was he could possibly doing. After a few minutes of being totally stumped to what he could be doing I decided to go into his room to check out what was going on. He was sitting up in his bed and he gives me a big smile It wasnt a 'im happy to see you' smile, but a 'oh crap, she is going to be pissed' smile. So I go up to him and ask him what he is doing and he just looks at me. He then shows me his water game (the one where you push the button and swoosh the rings) and its empty. EMPTY! Then I notice he as one of his containers and that was empty. UGH! I throw his blanket off of him and feel the bed. It soaked. I mean worse than when he pees while he is asleep during naptime.

What do you do when on the potty?

Ever since we got Jory to poop on the potty, it's a big event. He comes running over to me or Ryan and announces, "I have to go poopieeeeeeeeeee!!!" So one of us, typically me, runs him to a toilet, gets the kid seat on the toilet and props him up so he can do his thing. You would think a child like him would want to poop and get on with life. Nope! He likes to sit there and sit there........ and sit there. Somehow he finds a way to entertain himself. Sometimes he will use his hands, which are really his convienient toys that he calls spiders, and pretends they are on rocket ships and fly in the air. Or they are Superman and they save each other from a fire. A long piece of toilet paper becomes a snake and slithers around his body. He can get quite creative. It's also a nice little break where I know where he is and he is safe. Occasionally he will 'accidentally' drop something small into the toilet and I get the lucky job of fishing it out. Generally, he will sit there for a good 10-15 minutes. He probably would sit longer if I let him.
The other day he was doing his thing and I went to go check on him. As I peeked into the bathroom I find him like this but with the entire roll done and holding the brown roll in his hand. IMGP0966
I asked him in a very unhappy voice, "What happened to the toilet paper? Why did you do that?" and he answers me, "Because I need the roll for Ms Ilene {his teacher at school}. She likes it when I bring them to her in class!"

Saturday, March 15, 2008

How thick is moms head?

Today we went to a Bat Mitzvah of our neighbors. We tried to get all sorts of things that they hand out that light up for Jory. They had rings, necklaces, cowboy hats. We were able to get our hands on a light up tamberine. This is not exactly a toy of our choice, but we took what we can get. Jory was playing with me as I was laying on the floor with Mira. She was climbing all over me trying to look at my earrings. Jory takes he tamberine and was pretending to cut all of my hair off with it. He then lays my head on the glowing tamberine, looks at me and then grabs my nose and my chin with both his hands and opens my mouth. As he does this he asks, "Is your mouth lighting up?

Sunday, March 9, 2008

See, Cheerios do make you do great things

To our surprise, our little Mira has figured out how to go from laying down to sitting up all by herself! How cool is that? Soon she is going to be running and chasing boys. (Can you see the 20 hairs that just turned gray as I wrote that?) When I went to get her this morning she was sitting in her  crib with a big smile. I think she was very proud that she got herself to sitting all by herself and all before mommy came in to get her.

Monday, March 3, 2008

If I were you, buy stock in Cheerios

Within the past month I started to give Mira Cheerios and other hard mini finger foods like puffs and Gerber cookies. It is quite a show watching her eat them. I will put a small handful infront of her on her highchair and if you didn't know any better, you would think that this child is never fed by the way she dives into them. When the Cheerios hit the table, her hands move like the speed of light to grab each and every one. We are not talking one at a time, but she tries to grab all of them in the two, very uncoordinated hands that she has. After she has as many she could possibly hold, she attempts to shove them all in her mouth. Its amazing to watch her try so hard and only get a few in her mouth of the bunch placed in front of her. The rest either find their way on the seat of the chair, on the floor or within her clothes. The ones that she actually does get in her mouth but somehow fell out of her death grip always seem to get stuck to her clothes and it practically takes a crow bar to get them off. When you take her out of the chair the hail storm of little round O's is unbelievable. Its always fun to change her clothes and have a slew of cheerios fly out at you and all over the floor. She has recently discovered the art of jumping cheerios. When she is done stuffing her little mouth with them and wants a little break, she likes to bang her hands on the table and watch them fly in the air. This, to her, is quite hilarious. My dustbuster has been getting quite a workout these days. 

Saturday, March 1, 2008

You just have to pick your battles


"Yes, Jory?"

"Mom, I just called you Mom, not Mommy. Ok?"

"Ok, but why?"

"You are Mom and not Mommy because I am 4!"