Thursday, May 29, 2008

Just over 11 months, seriously?

Our little baby Mira is now in her last month before she turns ONE! I don't know if I am ok with this. I think I am going to need a lot of help getting through this one.  I just can't believe this is happening. First, Jory is no longer considered a toddler and then now Mira is no longer considered an infant. She is going to be a toddler soon. This is when I just wish I can freeze time and just snuggle them tight and tell them to never grow up. IMG_1835Mira is turning into quite a character as her personality develops. She still loves music and no matter how tired she is for her music class, she will always bop about and try to sing with the teacher. She is banging things together to make noise and is quite surprised at the sounds she can make with different objects.  DSC01376Mira started to crawl on her knees instead of doing an inchworm type of crawl. I was getting a little worried because the inchworm will do a job on her legs when the weather is nice and she is wearing shorts. While surfing the floor, she picks up everything in her path and attempts to take it with her. She will crawl around with the most random things in her hands and get very upset if she cannot hold one or drops one on the way. I believe I see the beginnings of a pac-rat here. IMG_1918We discovered that she can make a kissing noise while sucking her cheeks into her gummy mouth and she looks like a fish while doing it. It's just too adorable. She has a whole new bag of tricks. She still waves bye bye, claps and hands up but now she plays peek-a-boo. She likes to see what will balance on her head. She even does a great job of placing a small object into a bigger object. This is not so wonderful when I am rushing in the morning and I find toys in my shoes. She points to everything and she has a slew of sounds that continuously makes us wonder what she is trying to say.  She likes to pull up on things but is not really cruising the furniture just yet. I don't think we will see a walker so soon however, she does try to attempt to climb the stairs. She has only accomplished one stair, but thats enough to make me nervous. 
 Mira has 4 teeth that are pushing and annoying her gums. In turn, she has been waking up at all odd hours of the night making momma a bit cranky. Maybe by her first birthday we will see more than those 2 bottom chompers. Her favorite food this month is watermelon and she cannot get enough of it. Yum yum! 

She still adores her brother and is now getting to the point of annoying him quite often. She likes to grab his matchbox cars while he is zooming them around. He gets so angry that he yells at her and tells me to take her upstairs. She still seeks his attention while we are in the car and when she does catch him, they laugh hysterically. I just love it!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Stupid drinking game

I am sitting here waiting for Jory to finish his chicken nuggets and he is actually doing a pretty good job this time. 3 out of 4 is not bad at all. He starts to say something to me and just went on and on. I was just listening and quite amazed at how many times this kid can say the word stupid in such a short amount of time. He was so matter of fact about it and I actually think he was waiting for me repremand him. I guess he was testing his limits. Today, he got a lot farther than he normally would have. This is what he said. Now get your beer bottles out and every time he says the 'bad' word, DRINK! 

You know, stupid is a bad word. Did you know that stupid is a bad word? When someone says stupid, I yell at them and say stupid is bad word. You shouldn't say stupid because its a bad word and I don't like people that say bad words. It's not nice to say stupid. If you say stupid, you are a bad guy and I fight bad guys.... 

This is where I had to cut him off because the conversation was going in a different direction. See my previous post.  

Were you drinking?Is your bottle empty?  

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Too smart for the coach...

We had soccer "practice" today.  I call it practice because 4 yr olds dont play actual games, they just do drills.  Jory always corrects me, saying he doesn't need practice.

Some of the dads prefer to help out on the field with the kids.  I call them "helper dads".  They get involved with the drills and help keep the kids in line.  Others, like myself, prefer to observe and see how their child does in a team situation with an authority figure like a coach.  We'll call these "independent dads".

Jory was having a great day.  He was really following what the coach was asking, and I didn't think he even knew where I was standing.  The next drill, coach Jeff yells out "OK, kick it down there to the daddys!" and points to the "Helper dads" downfield.  Jory runs the opposite direction and kicks the ball to me.  The coach quickly corrected him and said, "No Jory!  Down there!", to which Jory responds, "But my daddy's over here!"

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

There is always another way

Today while leaving Special Gym (OT) Jory tells me another way to get those bad guys. 

"I can make the bad guys dead with my shooter. I am a good shooter and I can make them dead with it. Right Mommy? When I am shooting, everyone thinks I am a Superhero because I wear a cape. Where is my cape mommy? I need to be a Superhero with super powers so I can make the bad guys dead."

Monday, May 12, 2008

What's your superhero name?

Mommy, are there bad guys in this world?

Yes, but Mommy and Daddy try to protect you from them.

I don't want you to protect me from bad guys. I fight bad guys.

Don't you think you might get hurt?

No, I'm a good fighter. Right, Mommy? 

Yes, but..

Are you a good fighter, Mommy? 

Of course I am.

I fight until the bad guys are dead. Can you do that Mommy?

{awkward silence}
I think your sister is up from her nap now.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Peas, oh the peas!

The other day just after I got Jory ready for school and on the bus by the bright and early time of 8 am I went to do my power food shop. I zipped through the supermarket and as quickly, tried to unpack the bags when I got home. As I am trying to put away all the miscelaneous items into random parts of the kitchen, Mira is crawling around exploring anything and everything I bought. She finds the frozen food bag and to her delight, she discovered a massive bag of frozen peas. Peas are one of the major staples of her day. She loves them. No wait, I may be so bold to say that she might even live for them. I am watching her explore this bag and at first, she tries to pick the peas off the picture on the bag. Very confused, she keeps trying to pick one up. 'Why can't I grab one?', she is probably asking herself. Frustrated, she realizes the little green balls are inside this baggie thing. She starts to whap at it with her hand. Maybe she was trying to hit it open like a pinata.  After many attempts at hitting the bag and not getting to the prize she decides to rip it open with her teeth. She starts to rip at the corner of the bag. With only bottom teeth she doesn't understand that this is going to be a lot harder than it seems. She gets very frustrated and starts to whine with every tug and pull on the frozen pea bag. I decide that maybe I should just give them to her. I place her in her chair and whip out the leftovers of her dinner. I don't even bother to warm it up. If she really wants to eat, then she will eat it cold. I dump a half a bowl of a corn, peas and carrot mix on her tray and she dives right in. She acted like I have never fed her before and that there will be no food tomorrow. When I was done unpacking the groceries I look over to see how she was doing and she ate all the peas. Yup, she left a plateful of yellow and orange and picked out EVERY SINGLE PEA!