Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A little soggy

Its been raining for almost 2 full days. It finally stopped with some really nice sunlight around Mira's naptime today. I decided that since Jory is a puddles' biggest fan that I would put on his rain boots and let him play in the lake that forms infront of our house. When I brought him in the house after his afternoon of sure bliss I believe there was more water on him (and in my living room) than we started with.IMG_1400
Here he is looking for worms!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

April 25th

I have been offline for a few days because of technical difficulties with my computer. It decided that it wanted to piss me off and go caplooey on me. We had to have Apple replace the hard drive and now I am working on getting back to where I was. That's not easy! 

April 25th was a pretty big day! First of all and most importantly, it was Daddy's birthday. Jory and I spent the morning baking him a cake. He likes to crack the eggs for me. Luckily we needed 3. He also likes using the power mixer~ What boy wouldn't? Then we went to the store and picked out cards, bought steaks for dinner and we had a great day. After dinner we ate cake and watched hockey together. Even Mira had a few bites of the cake (no icing yet). Of course she gobbled it up! 

It's also an important day because it marks the day my mom left us just 3 years ago. She always had a way to make sure I remembered her and what other day than my husbands birthday, right? Thanks Mom!! I was very glad that I got to spend the whole day with the kids because they keep me more than happy. And with all the activities we did, I wouldn't want it any other way. 

Last but not least, this marks the day that Mira has been breast feeding longer than Jory did. It's a great accomplishment and there could be nothing better than this for her! Lets just hope that she keeps it up! Go Mira!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

10 months ~ Happy Earth Day

Yesterday Mira turned 10 months old. She is amazingly changing all the time. She started to pull up on things and reaching for anything. Those anythings always seem to find their way into her mouth. Speaking of that, she is still a great eater. She loves to eat waffles, grilled cheese, bananas and pears. She really dives into blueberries, too. She does really well with a sippy cup with water and still going strong with the breastfeeding. She has been breaking out in strange hives so I have to be careful of all things that could trigger an allergic reaction from berries to perfumes.10 months Because its Earth Day I want to point out that Mira wears a Gdiaper about 50% of the time and it makes me feel good that about half of the diapers she wears is helping the environment and not hurting it. I would love to go 100% flushable, but with running around with Jory so much, it's very difficult for me. Here is a pic of the big brother just because I feel like adding it in. He wont let me take a good picture of him, so this will have to do. He truly is a cute boy. Honest!Jory Mira has a few new tricks up her sleeve. Daddy discovered this morning that she knows her stuff. When you say 'Bye bye' to her, she will open and close her fingers. When you say 'Yay!' she will clap and when she sees one of our three furry friends she will say 'Ca'. We all know she already says 'Mamamamamama' because when she wants something, needs something or just wants to complain thats what she says. I guess I am used to it already. I am working on 'Daddy' in recognition of Ryan. I am hoping by Fathers Day she will do it. It did take Jory until past his first birthday to say 'Momma'. When she really wants something she will flap her hands real fast and holler until she gets it. Oh, boy! She REALLY knows what she wants.It has been really nice out the past few days so after naptime, I put her in the stroller and hang out until bedtime with Jory. I try to keep her occupied and the best way is to give her a few of her favorite Goldfish. While eating them she discovered a new friend and she loves it. Our neighbor has a mixed breed mutt dog that is as sweet as can be. He seems to love Goldfish just as much as our little lady does. When he comes near her she giggles so loud yo think she will never stop. She loves to try to touch him so sharing is not a problem.LokiThis winter I went a little crazy getting some really cute summer outfits for Mira. I cant wait until I can put her in them and try them on. I honestly never thought I would be like this with my little girl, but I am. I admit, I cant wait until her hair grows longer so I can try out all different kinds of bows and hairstyles. The one problem with our little lady is that any pair of socks that she wears, they always become loaners. That right sock seems to mysteriously become a toy rather than a piece of clothing. Thanks to Aunt Jilly, I have a new obsession with  these new shoes called Pedipeds. Unfortunately they become a great teether, but at least they are harder to get off.PedipedsMira had her 10 month appointment at the doctors and she is measuring a nice and healthy 21 pounds and 14 ounces. She is 28 inches on the dot. She is quite the juicy little girl because Jory at the same age was a few ounces less than her and a good solid 2 inches taller. I just love those beautiful thighs of hers. She is so yummy!

Mosquitos are NOT our friend!

Today was a gorgeous day and I decided it was time to plant some of my new flowers and bulbs in the back yard. Mira was sleeping peacefully after her doctors appointment so Jory and I were onto the task. I start to dig holes in preparation for the plants and Jory was grabbing any of the rocks he can find. The bigger the better! So I am planting and he is searching for his rocks. He keeps looking into the drainpipe to the gutters where there was a ton of yucky old water. I kept telling him to stay away from it and to leave that water alone. Being that there was water in it, Jory couldn't stay away from it. I finally said firmly to stay away.
"Jory, dont touch the drainpipe."
"Because the water is yucky."
"Why is it yucky?"
"It can attract mosquitos."
"But I like mosquitos."
"They will come and bite you and give you bumps that itch really bad."
"But Mom, mosquitos like Jewish people. I am Jewish!"

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

If we moved, you think he would find us?

Our little Jory can be quite a handful and definately can give us a run for our money. We know this and we try to be prepaired for the predictable crazyness if it arises. Tonight he went out to dinner with Pop-pop and Grandma and from what we were told, he was a perfect little angel. Of course we are always happy to hear news like that. He ate good, he played well, he was a good listener. What else could we ask for? 

In the meantime, Ryan, Mira and myself had a nice quiet dinner at the Cheesecake before I went on a mini shopping spree at Oshkosh and Carters. There is nothing like teaching your daughter to shop on a tight schedule. Because the grandparents and Jory were close to where we were shopping (and it was getting late) Ryan had them meet us at our car and drop Jory off instead of meeting us at our house. 

Somewhere between Nathan's with his grandparents and our car I suspect that he picked up some Speed on the corner of Merchants Concourse and Old Country Road. Ryan and I were trying to plan out how the bedtime was going to be while Jory was kicking the seats, screaming to try to scare his sister and throwing his shoes. I mentioned that Mira needed a bath and we needed to get Jory to sleep quickly because it was so late. 

Ryan: "You should give her her bath."

Randi: "Are you sure?"

Ryan: "Yea, I don't usually give her baths so you should do it."

Randi: "Well, if I give her the bath then you have to put him to sleep."

Ryan: "I should have told my father we were home already. "

Friday, April 4, 2008

Now its not alone

We finally see the first tooth's twin. Today all the little prickly, rigid edges are visible and there is some white. The skin is broken and there is another tooth. The doc told me many many years ago when I was struggling with Jory and his teething that they always come in pairs like Noahs Ark. The left seem to come first and the right come just after. Jory wasn't a terrible teether. He was fussy but always seemed to be in good spirits. Even when those darned 2 year molars came in, he never skipped a beat. I found them one day when I was tickling him and his mouth was wide open. What was that? 4 new molars?? No friggin way!!! Yup, his just sneaked up behind us. Mira on the other hand, she is not so good with the teeth. First of all she is starting later. Jory got his first at 5 1/2 months but right now she is 9 months and just starting to get them. The other day she woke up screaming so much you thought someone crushed her hand in a vice. I couldn't put her down and nothing, by no means, would calm her down but laying on her momma. You ever see that commercial where the mom was holding a 1+ year old and every time she went to put him down, he would start to scream? Yea, that was her. So, off to the doc we went. She is getting quite a few teeth all at once. I even think I see a bit of a new set. Now our babies toothless smile has 2, very small teeth. Now little Mira will be able to shred anything that she wants to eat! When do you think I should give her a chicken leg?