Monday, December 21, 2009

Facebook has become a pretty big part of our lives here in the Shapiro home. It is great to connect with people you haven't spoken to in a long time. See whats going on with others without the hassle of picking up the phone to call everyone which is great when you have little ones tugging at you all the time. The list of good things that come from facebook are endless. I really love the games that keep popping up on there. You can farm, fish, join a sorority, be part of the mafia, run a resturaunt and so on. And of course, all these games are highly addicting and suck countless hours out of your life.

My personal favorite is FarmVille. I have dabbled in the other games out there and really haven't gotten attached to them like I have the farm games. Jory discovered the fish games when I started to explore them. There are dozens of them. I was playing this one fish game, Fish World, when Jory spotted it. He instantly wanted to play so I let him. I earned enough coins to get his own tank that he can buy and sell fish, decorate and take care of. He wold constantly sell my fish from my tank without asking or telling me and I would get annoyed. So instead of getting aggrivated over this, I just stopped playing and gave him the gam to play. FarmVille, here I come.

So I haven't really been ontop of what he is doing all these fish games he has been playing, but I know he loves playing them. He tells his teacher about them in school. He draws pictures of him playing on the computer with Fish World on the screen. It may be borderline on whether or not his addiction to the game is healthy. It does keep him quiet and out of my hair when I really need the time, so I don't complain.

Lately he has been asking to get the special fish and decorations. These fish and decorations are what supports these games. There are a few nut cases out there that actually put in their credit card numbers just to get cooler items in their tanks and on their farms. Some of them you have to earn mad coins to get them or they are exclusive to people that give them money and that is the only way to get them.

Over and over Jory asks and I tell him when he gets his own credit card or when he is an adult or some other crazy thing that probably will never happen (well, in my mind) that he can put money into the computer and spend it on the games. This has been going on for days and I KNOW he really wants an algae eater or some other exotic fish and I just cant give it to him. I refuse to put money into these things!

The other day we had this fun blizzard and were stuck in the house. Jory jumped from game system to game system to play-doh to game system. He was good and played quietly throughout the day.

That night, after I get both of them to bed and I am trying to relax and play on my farm I hear a weird sound from my laptop. I shake it and I hear it even more. The I think, "Oh CRAP! Something is broken in my computer and I better back everything up!!!!!!" So I do this.

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