Saturday, January 9, 2010

Short Term Memory

We all know that our Jory has his issues with food. His menu is limited and on top of that his desire to eat is just as bad. Tonight we took the family out to one of our favorite mexican restaurants for a change from the usual Friendly's or Johnny Rockets. Mira munches on the free tortilla chips and feeds me in the process because, well, mommy just doesn't eat enough. She nibbles here and there on her dinner, my dinner and Jory's dinner as well.

Jory on the other hand looks at his chicken fingers and immediately declares that he doesn't like them. No way is he eating them!! He eats a few waffle fries and thinks he is done. Us parents know he will be asking for potato chips or cookies as soon as we walk back in the door so we push and threaten and negotiate in order for him to get enough food to be acceptable. Every bite was a struggle and a tear. It was quite a scene and only a strong parent can deal with. I am sure many parents would have just left him sitting there and came back later. (if at all)

We finally gave up with the warning that he will not be getting anything after this meal. He will get his nighttime milk and it's bedtime for him. We pack up, take home the ice cream that he will never eat, bundle up and get back in the car. 4 doors close and the car is turned on. The next thing we hear is from Jory, "Mommy, can I have something to eat, please?!"

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